Thursday, June 30, 2011


...and you might be asking Are you stopping?? ummm..NO! I believe wholeheartedly that ANYONE can change what they eat and what their body is wanting if you just stick with what you are doing :) 30 day's may seem like a long time but it really isn't and it is a great way to train yourself into doing something you normally wouldn't. I have seen interesting changes in myself over the last 30 days...some good and some bad. I do feel better and healthier. I have increased energy and endurance. I feel more educated about the things I am eating and the fuel that it is giving my body. But the most important lesson I learned is an won't know if you like it until you try it. I would NEVER had said on day 1 that I would really enjoy my smoothies everyday and that so many of my friends have at least made one and just tried it :)
water, spinach, banana, red grapes, peaches, strawberries, orange juice, wheatgrass (totally forgot to put in the flax seeds :()
I used the wheatgrass again in the base of my smoothie and I feel like it adds a nice kick to it- like the bottle says " a boost" to the vitamins I am getting
I added orange juice today because (shocking!!!) I was out of orange juice today. On a daily basis I am usually out of something and today it was oranges . 100% juice is a good substitute for them though and you can't tell the difference with the taste
The mix of fruit I used today had red grapes (would totally recommend them) strawberries, and peaches. Totally Sweet!!! You know how i love my sweetness and I didn't have to add agave at all with this mix. It did have some other fruit but I split it up so that I could make Dave the smoothie he requested (mangoes and pineapple- will let you know how he liked it)
Blend Blend Blend... love that sound

and it was a success just like the 30 day challenge :) Very nice balance of green and sweet with no added agave to help it out. Totally would suggest you try it. The challenge is over but the blog is not :) I will keep putting up my wonderful creations- ha! and also I have to get the crazy Kyle kids to be drink up some veggies so I will be posting some of that too...the sky is the limit if I just try right?
One healthy choice made today...

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  1. Hi Jama! What a fun blog! I saw your training widget, it looks like you had a really nice run! Have a great day!