Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vitamix Review

A week is done in my Green Smoothie Challenge and I swear I like them more everyday (cheesy!!). I had been making the smoothies in a Ninja Pro Blender and they were really good and tasty. It took a little while to blend everything up but it's what I had and I wanted to do the best I could with what I had.
And then I was given this...
A very wonderful person heard that I was doing this challenge and GAVE me this Vitamix Professional System. Ummm...I'm am NO PROFESSIONAL and it was a bit intimidating when I opened the box but I seriously could not wait to get up this morning to make my smoothie in it.

Kale, Spinach, Water, Blueberries, Pear, Flax and a Splash of Agave at the end (and it really needed it today.)

Kale (3/4) Spinach (1/4)- I was starting to feel pretty confident in the Kale since yesterday went pretty good. My Vitamix FILLED with Greens

Since I had pears here for the kids I thought I would throw one in

Since the blueberries went well yesterday I added 1/2 a cup of them frozen again

Added in my Flax Seeds ( although in a book I am reading this wasn't encouraged)

I added in a cup of ice to try to help make it a little smoother

The first thing that I noticed was how DARK GREEN that my smoothie was. I do know that is the point of this challenge but my first day it was almost purple from the fruit and now it's DARK.

The one main thing that I can say about the Vitamix other than I love it, is that it is WAY MORE POWERFUL than any other blender that I have ever used. I put in my water and greens and within seconds they were pulverized. I am not exaggerating- it was liquefied in 15 seconds. I was able to add ALL the ingredients where with the Ninja I had to add then blend and then repeat.

I also omitted the banana today and I think that it really affected the texture and flavor of my smoothie today.

I have never once yet had a day where I haven't enjoyed my smoothie but today was the first day that I added something after it was all blended. After I took my first sip and it wasn't as pleasant as I had been used to I went to the pantry got out my trusty Agave Nectar and gave it a little squirt. That little squirt really helped me be able to begin drinking my smoothie and by the end I was used to the "greens" flavor and it was ok. I would not recommend just jumping in and using greens that have a stronger flavor right away.

The most exciting part for me at this point is how many of my friends have dusted off their blenders and have started making smoothies too. I am really into this for life (insert Dave's sigh here). One healthy choice made today...

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