Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have not blogged in a while and I really felt like I should today. I have been really struggling with my
Christian walk lately. Not because I am struggling with who and what I believe but because I am
frustrated by other believers.
I have spoken with so many
people who have said
to me "I don't go to church because of the people" and this makes me so frustrated. Who did Jesus come
to save? ALL So to be like Christ we should love ALL people right? We should accept ALL people because ALL of us have fallen short have we not? (Romans3:23)
All day yesterday people kept
asking me "Did you support
Chik fil A today?" Ummmmm... we support Chik fil a financially every day (sometimes twice) but how was all of the hoopla yesterday loving others? Showing them the love that Christ asks us to?
Don't get me wrong, I totally advocate sticking up for what you believe in- but not by alienating and belittling others. This is where Christians get a bad wrap- by judging those that we have to right to judge.
We ALL have sins in our life and how can you reach out in love when you are just loving those who are lovable and agree with what you think?
I want to be a Christian who loves those who others don't- just like Jesus did - because I think that is what he would want me to do.
I want to show my kids that even if you don't agree with what someone else believes,doesn't give you the right to be a bad example of what you believe.