Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Setting a good example

I get asked all the time- why do you like to run, why do you run so much, what is your motivation?

The answer is very simple. I run because I love to. I truly enjoy lacing up my newtons and jumping on my treadmill. I love putting new songs on my iPod and running down the street dancing to the tunes in my head. I have only one goal when it comes to running and that is to enjoy every step that I get to run.
I have 3 wonderful and vastly different children and I want them to always work hard. How can I tell them to work hard if I am not willing to do the same. When I was training for the marathon, there were many days when my
long runs would come along and I just plain didn't want to run for 3 hours on my treadmill and I would tell them that- and then I would do it anyway. I did that to show my kids that even when you don't want to do something, if you want to have good results you have to plow through it - that is life lesson not just a running one.
My goal isn't like most runners- I am not super competitive (at least not most of the time). It does not bother me to run the same pace and I don't really have to ever run faster. It is showing others and my kids that if you set a goal and work hard, yes there will be setbacks but you just keep going and you will achieve greatness.
Your Greatness!!
You may just want to walk around the block without stoping or you may be like me and want to eventually do a half ironman- I want to encourage people
to just get out and enjoy every step :)
Everytime one of my kids conquers something in their lives -I want them to be able to say, my mom encouraged me and she showed me through her actions that I can do anything with a lot of hard work ( and a little pixie dust).

One Step at a Time,