Sunday, July 24, 2011

A week in the life

Blogging did not happen this week- my parents arrived on Wednesday in preparation for Ashley's birthday today. We celebrated every day from then until now. I am truly blessed PLUS we will be continuing the celebration this next week at Disney as well. Thursday night I went to paddleboard yoga with the IRunMommies it was really a lot of fun.
Friday I ran 6 miles- 2 in the morning and 4 in the evening and then I was incredibly crazy and decided to run 8 miles on Saturday morning. Ummm....not my best idea. I have not been focused or following a plan. That is changing tomorrow. I have been lacking motivation lately to get my run's done. I really don't know why I feel this way but I miss running the way it was before surgery and I just need to accept it for how it is now.We then celebrated Ashley (again) with her birthday dinner at Lee Roy Selmon's (our favorite!)
Here a few pics from the par-tay!!

A great weekend :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello World...A new idea

I have been blogging over at for a little over a month. It has gone really well but it was a blog that was extremely limited to my green smoothie challenge. Yes I drank green smoothies for a month and I continue to do so and to encourage other to as well but as I said, it was limited to that. I have come to realize that I have so much more to say and I am more than I drink-haha! So I decided to try out a new format and here I can write about every little thing happening in the lives of the Kyle’s. I called it Mommy Get Moving for a reason. I am always telling my kids to get moving, mostly because we are running behind and I dislike being late.

The other day we were getting ready to take Ryan to Tae Kwon Do and he said “Mommy Get Moving!!!” and it hit me….they really do listen to what I am saying. Although sometimes I am very embarrassed by some of the things that their little memories are capturing I think that we are doing a really good job of teaching them some valuable principles.

Being active is extremely important to me. Partially because I have always been active and partially because of the lack of activity that kids today are involved in. I know that I am generalizing but I see kids mostly in 2 categories. The first category is active- involved in a sport or activity which requires physical activity 3 times a week. The second category is sedentary which would be the kids who watch a lot of television, play video games (nothing wrong video games if it isn’t all they do), and surf the internet. I feel bad for the kids who are sedentary because they are missing out on so much FUN!!

Excercise is so much fun and I want my kids to understand that at a young age and to enjoy the benefits from it for years to come. I want my kids to be able to form friendships, learn to work as a team, love God and show his love to others…and on and on and on. But unless I show them that I can do these things- they will never learn them. So, all of that to say this…I am blogging to keep myself accountable to my kids. I will be talking about my training (half marathons are my favorite), what I am learning in my quiet time, and whatever other craziness we are involved in. So sit back and enjoy the mayhem…

Friday, July 15, 2011

If you make it...they will drink it

Hello all of my faithful bloggy readers (i know that I have none!) I am BACK!!! After I finished up my smoothie challenge I didn't really know what else to really blog about. I am a stay at home mom (and that really isn't that interesting) but I am nevertheless dedicated to getting my family on a healthier eating track and I plan on staying that way. I am an avid RUNNER but I don't really think people really want to hear about the miles I am putting in or the races that I am planning on doing. But I am totally digressing from the reason that I am writing on this blog today. My oldest Ashley who is 7 (almost 8) wanted to be featured on the blog. I told her that in order to make an appearance on the blog that she must drink a smoothie.
Let's say a few things about my eldest child. She DOES NOT eat fruits and her favorite veggie is corn. She absolutely refuses every time I offer her a fruit or veggie in any form. So, this morning she told me to make her one (the only reason she wanted it was so she could be on the blog- CRAZY but I'll take it!)
I had a smoothie mix from the grocery store that I was supposed to make with milk ( and since we have all pretty much given up on milk I used water). I put the mix which was blueberry and pomegranate (no I did not battle another pomegranate- I learned my lesson!!) water, handful of spinach, and a banana.
It turned out VERY PURPLE but I guarantee that there was spinach in there!! She drank the WHOLE THING and did not complain once. She said that it tasted really good and then I told her what was in it. She really didn't seem too fazed by the fact that she had just drank 4 ingredients that she wouldn't ever eat if I placed them on her plate!
I told her I wouldn't be able to actually write the blog unless she drank every last drop- and she did (crazy motivation I know!)
Totally finished pic and she was very proud as was I. It was one of those moments where I did see that she is watching me and trying to do the same things as me. It's a HUGE responsibility and a new challenge to get my kids to drink/eat better. Society says that fast food is where it's at (don't get me wrong I love Chik-fil-a) but I don't want them to only be eating that for every meal. We are crazy busy with cheerleading, tae kwon do, swimming classes, running, etc. etc. etc. but I am committing to this blog and my family that I am going to cook 4 nights a week (healthy home made meals) and I will be posting here to keep accountable.
Please help me out if you have any good recipes ( I am really going to need some help!)

This post has turned out to be pretty long. I love my girl and am VERY PROUD OF HER!!!

One healthy choice made today...