Friday, July 15, 2011

If you make it...they will drink it

Hello all of my faithful bloggy readers (i know that I have none!) I am BACK!!! After I finished up my smoothie challenge I didn't really know what else to really blog about. I am a stay at home mom (and that really isn't that interesting) but I am nevertheless dedicated to getting my family on a healthier eating track and I plan on staying that way. I am an avid RUNNER but I don't really think people really want to hear about the miles I am putting in or the races that I am planning on doing. But I am totally digressing from the reason that I am writing on this blog today. My oldest Ashley who is 7 (almost 8) wanted to be featured on the blog. I told her that in order to make an appearance on the blog that she must drink a smoothie.
Let's say a few things about my eldest child. She DOES NOT eat fruits and her favorite veggie is corn. She absolutely refuses every time I offer her a fruit or veggie in any form. So, this morning she told me to make her one (the only reason she wanted it was so she could be on the blog- CRAZY but I'll take it!)
I had a smoothie mix from the grocery store that I was supposed to make with milk ( and since we have all pretty much given up on milk I used water). I put the mix which was blueberry and pomegranate (no I did not battle another pomegranate- I learned my lesson!!) water, handful of spinach, and a banana.
It turned out VERY PURPLE but I guarantee that there was spinach in there!! She drank the WHOLE THING and did not complain once. She said that it tasted really good and then I told her what was in it. She really didn't seem too fazed by the fact that she had just drank 4 ingredients that she wouldn't ever eat if I placed them on her plate!
I told her I wouldn't be able to actually write the blog unless she drank every last drop- and she did (crazy motivation I know!)
Totally finished pic and she was very proud as was I. It was one of those moments where I did see that she is watching me and trying to do the same things as me. It's a HUGE responsibility and a new challenge to get my kids to drink/eat better. Society says that fast food is where it's at (don't get me wrong I love Chik-fil-a) but I don't want them to only be eating that for every meal. We are crazy busy with cheerleading, tae kwon do, swimming classes, running, etc. etc. etc. but I am committing to this blog and my family that I am going to cook 4 nights a week (healthy home made meals) and I will be posting here to keep accountable.
Please help me out if you have any good recipes ( I am really going to need some help!)

This post has turned out to be pretty long. I love my girl and am VERY PROUD OF HER!!!

One healthy choice made today...

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