Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Like I said yesterday, the smoothie that I made was AWFUL (I'm not sugarcoating it!) Those dang Pomegranate seeds ruined the whole thing and no matter how many times I blended they would not break up.
Spinach, Rainbow Chard, Collard Greens, Orange, Watermelon, Banana, Flax seeds, Coconut Water

When we were at Publix- I looked to see if they had bigger bottles of it and this is what I found. So I started by adding 2 cups of coconut water.

I was almost out of all of the greens that I had so I decided to mix them. So I had spinach, rainbow chard, and collards and I FILLED my Vitamix with them. 2-3 cups maybe more I didn't measure

Watermelon :) I hadn't used it in a couple days so I thought since I liked it, it should make an appearance

My trusty orange


Blend Blend Blend and Blend some more

Today I blended for a lot longer than I usually do. After yesterday's debacle I didn't really want to have any yucky seeds to ruin my smoothie.

Nice and green with the 3 different leafy's that I added today. On to the best part whether the flavor is ok. Hmmm...I have been adding ice for the last few days and today I didn't which definitely makes it taste much better. Today's smoothie was warm and I think I like them cold better. The flavor of this one was changed by the watermelon and I think the collards added a stronger flavor too. It was very good and once again I added no sweetener because the fruits had enough sweetness that I didn't need any. I really am still shocked that the "green" taste it the one that I am liking better and not the fruit taste.

So today's smoothie was a success :)

One healthy choice made today...

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