Monday, June 6, 2011

Kale and Spinach- Oh MY!

Day 6 dawned and I was craving something green. Weird, I know but I could not wait to try out my new ingredients and also to add something that I honestly don't like. It really has been a learning experience every day and I think that by making a good choice in the morning, I really do think more about what I am fueling my body with.
My ingredients this morning were, Kale, Spinach, 1/2 Banana, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, flax seed, and agave nectar.

I cut up some Kale and did a half and half ratio with my spinach. The green smoothie guru (shelley) mentioned that it makes it easier if you half some of the other greens with spinach to ease yourself in and since I have 15 more days to go I figured I would ease in this week and go all out next week.

Almost out of my organic spinach- I think another trip to BJ's is going to be in my agenda tomorrow.

Hopefully my new Vitamix will be getting delivered today. The Ninja has been serving me well but I really want to see if it will live up to all it's hype :)

Ans here is the ingredient I just do NOT like. This is really funny because Dave's uncle owns a blueberry farm and they also live in a town called Hammonton which boast it's the blueberry capital. I have a vague memory of going to said farm and helping to "pack" blueberries. My hands were purple for a few days afterwards and I have not liked blueberries since. So I thought that I would try to sneak something into the smoothie in hopes that I would change my mind. And once again smoothie challenge- 3 me- 0.

The taste they added was really nice and I didn't have to eat mushy berries. I also really liked using the frozen to help my smoothies be bit more slushy. half a banana. I still wish I could have left this out but it does make the smoothie a little smoother.

Blueberries also did not make my smoothie blue, it stayed pretty green!!

Once again I am trying to add some more whole nutrients and the flax seeds make me "feel" like I am doing that!

Since I didn't add any orange I thought I would give the Agave Nectar another try. I also did this because I know that blueberries and banana's were not going to give me any sweetness and I was unsure what the Kale was going to bring to the party.

Blend, Blend, Blend (ooohhhhh how i love this part)

Ok, if you have been following me on this journey today's smoothie is definitely a lot darker which I am attributing to the Kale. It also looks "chunkier" but it really wasn't. I have never before eaten Kale but it really tasted very good raw in my smoothie. The blueberries didn't make it an overly fruity taste so I definitely still had more of a greens flavor (which oddly I am beginning to love). With the agave today it was a nice balance of sweet and green flavor, I really can't think of another adjective for it.

So far, I think that today's smoothie was my favorite in the last 6 days.

Tomorrow it will have been one week since I started this challenge and I laugh since my husband didn't even think I would drink one of them. Change is a good thing and I am looking forward to making some more.

One healthy choice made today...

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