Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have found my Happy Smoothie

Today's Smoothie was AMAZING!!! I would definitely recommend this one to anyone trying out the smoothies for the first time. It was just the right combo of sweetness (orange) and chlorophyll (spinach and rainbow chard).
Spinach, Rainbow Chard, 2 oranges, banana, flax, Coconut water

When I started getting kidney stones a couple weeks ago someone recommended coconut water to me to help with keeping me hydrated. I have to say that as much as I LOVE a good Pina Colada I was not too fond of the coconut water by itself. I have found a great place for it in my smoothies though- super yummo!

Today's green that was added to spinach was rainbow chard. It was the only green that they had at fresh market that I hadn't already tried. I'm trying to rotate my greens to be able to optimize the different vitamins and minerals that are in each of them. This turned out to be really good in the smoothie.

Chopped up Rainbow Chard- not as dark as Kale and to me not as bitter an aftertaste.

I found a recipe for this smoothie off the Internet because I had all these oranges that were about to go bad. It said to add 1 cup of juice which I equated into 2 oranges. I didn't juice them, I just peeled them and dumped them into the trusty Vitamix.

The whole reason I thought I may like this is because once I added the banana I figured it would taste like an Orange Julius and I was not disappointed.

Blend Blend Blend... and it was still a little too liquidy so I added some more spinach...

and then I added ice to make it more slushie...

AHHHHHHH....perfection. Literally has the taste of an Orange Julius with the added "green" taste from all of the spinach and chard. SOOOOOO good and I would not lie to you. This whole challenge is about trial and error and today was a major success in the Kyle Green Smoothies :) Now if only my kids could get over the fact that they are green- they would LOVE this one!!

One healthy choice made today...

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