Friday, June 24, 2011

A request from my hubs

I have been drinking and making my smoothies but I really had nothing more to I thought I would wait until I made a really good one again and then bring it all to the 5 of you who visit me everyday. Dave has continued drinking the smoothies that I make him everyday. This makes me so giddy that you really can't understand. I feel this way because if both us are drinking the smoothies our kids are exposed to a healthy habit by both of their parents. Dave asked me to make a smoothie without my fallback friend the banana. So here goes...
Spinach (tomorrows will have Kale!) green grapes, pineapple, 2 oranges, and ice
I used 2 oranges to give some more vitamin C- and we all know I like things sweet
green grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe
really let's be honest here, I would have used most anything that came in a prepackaged way because I am LAZY!! I need to learn how to cut up whole fruit but it is so much easier and portion controlled when I buy the packages the lady at Publix makes for me (ha!)
Oranges and all fruit ready to BLEND BLEND BLEND!!
His and Hers Smoothies (so cheesy!!!)
This variation of fruit made the smoothies a much lighter green color and they were definitely sweet! I can't believe I have 6 more days of this challenge and then I will have been drinking the smoothies for 30 DAYS!!!! Wow- time sure does fly!

One healthy choice made today...

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