Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Change is Coming

I am normally a person who doesn't experiment too much. When I find something that I like I get one in every color (you should see my shoes). I like the comfortable and that just really wasn't working for me on this challenge. As I was walking the aisles of Fresh Market I saw some Dandelion Greens. I have been reading a lot of green smoothie blogs looking for ideas and that is a green that I had seen. So, I picked up a bundle and thought I would switch it up today.
Water, Spinach, Dandelion Greens, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Banana, and Flax Seeds.

I started with my good pal Spinach since I know that I like how he tastes.

I grabbed a handful of Dandelion Greens and chopped them up which turned into like a cup and a half of greens. I think I read somewhere than these were kinda bitter (i think most greens are from all the chlorophyll)

Another new ingredient for me that I have NEVER used was pomegranate. While wandering around Fresh Market I saw it and thought that it may be a nice substitute for blueberries. I didn't really know how to tackle it so I sliced it like I would an apple. Yup- not the smartest idea I have ever had. If you have never cut into a pomegranate I would advise to do it over a sink. The juice just flies out of it and it looked like I had blood spatter everywhere. I then figured out that what I wanted were the seed like things that were squirting everywhere. So i scooped as many out as I could (it was extremely messy) and then wiped up my crime scene.


I cut up some strawberries

Added 3/4 banana to help with the texture

my trusted flax seeds

Blend, Blend, Blend

and then it was liquid-ha!

I wanted a smoothie consistency so I added 2 handfuls of ice and it came out like this...

The color definitely isn't as dark but it isn't red either with all of the red fruits that I added. The pomegranate helped to counterbalance the dandelion which did not have a bad taste at all. It did have a strange aftertaste but I can work with that. I was surprised that I liked it seeing that yesterday's kale experiment didn't turn out as well. Who knows what I will be making tomorrow and that is the fun part of this challenge. Everyday is something new.

One healthy choice made today...

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