Saturday, June 4, 2011

Following the Rules

Does this smoothie look familiar?? I don't really know all the "rules" of this challenge and I really hope that I haven't already broken them on Day 4.
Yesterday my SIL, Becky, texted me and asked whether or not I would like to meet up with her in Fort Myers to swim and hang out. I am a impulsive person and we had nothing on the agenda so I figured why not. So, I picked up Ashley for school (she had early release a.k.a waste of a day) and we headed down to Fort Myers. My kids and I had a great time hanging with Becky and her friend Smitty (who my kids LOVE!!). When thoughts of where we were going to eat came up we had 2 choices Hooters (Ryan's choice- DO NOT JUDGE!!) and Lee Roy Selmans. Lee Roy's is one of my top 5 favorite places to eat and Smitty had never been there so poor Ry lost out to the 5 other girls he was eating with.
Let me also say that in the many times that I have eaten at Lee Roy's I ALWAYS get the same thing!! Their Smoked Chicken Salad is one of my favorite things to eat. It is a salad BUT it has bacon, cheese, and ranch dressing and I didn't really think that was the best choice for me while on this challenge. So I actually ordered something that was in my limited view of food- healthy.

They had a Salmon Spinach Salad and although I am drinking spinach everyday for the last 4 days I figured since I missed my afternoon smoothie by being in the car that the spinach choice would make up for it. I substituted chicken for the salmon because I really wasn't feeling the fish last night and it had a strawberry vinaigrette and strawberries too. It was a very tasty salad and I did find it a little odd that I wanted those things because I usually CAN NOT WAIT for the unhealthy aspects at a restaurant.
I also had every intention of going to Whole Foods and picking up some other greens to try, along with some apples, pears, and whatever else looked good.

All of this to say that I am drinking yesterday's afternoon smoothie for breakfast today and I hope I haven't broken any rules ( i hate to do that!).
After being in my refrigerator I do feel like the flavors are more concentrated and I am getting more of a spinach taste this morning but it is a taste that I am actually looking forward to now.
I also think that I have more energy during the day and as I said earlier I am wanting to eat the healthier choice when given the option. Who knew :)

One healthy choice made today (i think!)...

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  1. Hi, Jama!
    Good for you! I'm not sure I could handle drinking greens and I love veggies .. but I love tomato juice and hate V8 juice....
    I'm sure you've heard of the "Sneaky Chef" with the vegetable purees added to all sorts of foods, including brownies :) My boss cooks that way all the time now because she's not a big vegetable eater and wants healthier stuff for herself and her kids (her hubby gets the healthy stuff too).
    Keep up your good work!
    Love you - Aunt Joyce