Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keepin It Real

When I began this challenge I was under the impression that it was for 21 days...well I guess I wasn't paying attention too closely because the IRunMommies are doing this challenge for the entire month of June. (I obviously didn't read the fine print!) But at this point it isn't a challenge anymore, it is a daily habit that I have adopted and that I feel has made a big impact on the way I view and think about food. I have had MANY issues with eating and food in general and I am NOT a doctor (thank the Lord!) but I do know myself pretty well. I truly believe that by implementing these smoothies into my diet daily that a lot of my anxiety over the numbers on the scale have been diminished. My obsessiveness has not gone away (i still want to remain around a certain number) but if the number is a little higher I am not FREAKING OUT like I used to. I know that I have done what I can and if I have messed up, I pick myself up and start over the next day. The only thing in my life that has changed has been adding in the greens so I have to give them the props that they deserve-ha!
Ok heaviness gone- on to the smoothie for today...
Spinach (i know I need to switch it up) peaches, red grapes, strawberries, orange, banana, flax seeds

I know you cant see the peaches but they are in the bottom peeking out, strawberries, and red grapes ( 2 NEW INGREDIENTS-WOO HOO!!!!)

Oranges- this still kinda makes me laugh because I still wouldn't go but an orange and peel and eat it but sticking one in my smoothie is almost a daily staple

Same goes for the banana- I just really like the texture that it brings to my smoothies

All the yummy vitamins and nutrients into the Vitamix!!!

Blend Blend Blend

Oh and see these things with the number on them??? They are called speeds and if you hit them instead of the start button your smoothie will have a different texture. Who knew?? (I bet the makers of the vitamix knew and that they probably tried to tell me in that manual thing that came with it, but we have already established today that I am not very good about reading directions!).

Can you just see the difference in the smoothie quality here? Much better that the liquid goodness I have been drinking for the last 20 days. Today's combo I would recommend to anyone!!! It had a nice fruity flavor but I stuck a TON of Spinach in today too. And on a side note Dave took his smoothie to work at the fire station today...would love to hear what he told them it was :) I am so happy to be able to share this with him and to improve out health and family by just changing what we eat (drink) and how we do it. It really is a simple little change to implement. Now my next major road block will be Ashley, but I have renewed confidence since Dave is on board. Wish me Luck (because I will need a lot of it!!!)

One (or two) healthy choices made today...

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