Sunday, June 26, 2011

From the Worst to the Best

Day 25-
Worst Smoothie YET!!!! and I really struggled to get the whole thing down. I was meeting the IRunMommies for a run and some breakfast and since I didn't want to skip a day of my smoothies I brought mine with me. I hadn't ever used these greens together and I used a different combo of fruit too and simply put - it was AWFUL!!
Kale, Butter Lettuce, peaches, blackberries, strawberries
I added and orange and some spinach to try to make it better and it wasn't very successful
Look at the brown color- ugh!!! When sitting at the Sea Star I HAD to ask for some honey just to cut the bitter taste and when I got home I made a totally different one for Dave to drink (i really didn't want to hear how bad it was since I already knew!)
Day 26
The BEST one yet!!!!
Super Greens, Banana, Wheatgrass Shot, Peaches, Grapes, Strawberry, Melon
Shelley told me that they had this group of greens at BJ's.- totally would recommend it! Very mild flavors and super good for you- ha!!
I had read A LOT about wheatgrass and went on a hunt where to find it around here. None of the "smoothie stores" offered it anymore and I know that it isn't supposed to taste very good- so when I saw these shots at BJ's I thought I would throw one into the smoothie to hopefully give me a little more green goodness and I didn't really taste a huge difference in my smoothie. I am going to keep adding this in the rest of the week and see if there I can feel a difference though.
Grapes, Peaches, Strawberry, Melon
Banana :)
Love my oranges in my smoothies- i don't know if I would even think to make one at this point and not put in an orange
DELISH!!!! Notice that it is not brown- a point that I will look for as the ones that I haven't liked have been brownish in color. This one was a definitely HIT!!!!

One healthy choice made today...

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