Sunday, June 5, 2011

Creative??? I think NOT

In general I am NOT a creative person- I like rules and instruction. So, today when I decided to take a leap and make up my own concoction I really wasn't behaving in true Jama fashion. I went to Publix last night to look for some Kale and they don't sell it there. Apparently they only sell Spinach and 5 Types of Lettuce- who knew? So that threw my adventure into other greens into the garbage for today. I guess I am just going to have to bite the bullet and take all the kids with me down to Whole Foods so that I can maximize this experience with some Beet Greens, Collards, or Kale.

As you can see though, my ingredients ARE a little different.

The greens, sadly are the same (i know-BORING!)

I decided to add some apple- I picked Fuji.

Oranges for sweetness?? I added the juice and pulp today and I really didn't taste it much.

People kept telling me to add agave nectar to add sweetness- you know i like my sweets!!

It is supposed to be an alternative to honey with a milder taste. I did not want to go over board so I only used a tiny squirt.

I also added a packet of flax seeds. It was supposed to add some more nutrition to my smoothie and give it a nuttier taste.

Since my smoothies have been really liquidy instead of smoothie-like I added ICE. I think I am going to have to overcompensate with the greens if I add more ice because I think that the flavor diminishes with more water, even in the form of ice.

My green smoothies ( i think the color is getting greener by the day).

SO...the flavor hmmm very spinachy today which i am still baffled to say that I like. The apple and orange make it more wet but gave in a very mild fruity flavor. The watermelon I put in on the previous days really gave it a stronger fruit flavor. I know that when I progress to other greens I might really want their taste to be masked by fruit but for now the fruit is kinda inconsequential to me. I probably could have given it more of the agave but once again that is going to be trial and error for me. I did, however, really like the flax seeds and will be putting those in more often to add some more nutrients.

All in all i would give today's smoothie a 5. It was average- nothing really special but nothing that I wasn't going to be able to drink ( i am anticipating this later on in this challenge).

I think tonight is going to be a running night again!

One healthy choice made today...

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  1. Try Detwiler's farmers market!!!! You'll have so many options and it is much cheaper than Fresh Market/ Whole Foods! :) Love ya and glad that you are being so healthy!!!