Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things I never wanted to do- but I did

So, we were supposed to do our long run on Sunday morning but we decided to go to my sister in law's new apartment in West Palm Beach for her housewarming party. All I can say is that my Ryan DID NOT GO TO BED UNTIL 1 AM!!!! and we were supposed to get up at 5:30 to run. I was really looking forward to running in West Palm (seeing that I spend 4 years of my life there and I would move back tomorrow) but at midnight I just kept thinking that there was no way I would be getting up to run. My kids didn't end up getting up until 9 and to us that was like noon (ha!) So, we had to adjust and honestly, I'm not the best adjuster. I like all my ducks in a row and this threw me off A LOT! We decided to push the long run to Tuesday night (since I like running at night) and then Dave called and said we should run while Lexi was in school (brilliant) except that means that we will be running at 9:30 a.m. in Florida. Yes, I was being Negative Nancy but then I didn't even know what the route was yet, so I agreed. We decided to meet after I dropped Lexi off and Dave would be on his way home from shift.

I got there and all I could think of was this...

Yes, that is a bridge and on MILE 1!!! It usually takes me at least 2-3 miles to get into my groove and he wants me to run over this bridge on Mile 1. Well, I gritted my teeth (and I may have been having some not so nice thoughts) but we made it over the bridge and that is when I realized that I was going to have to do it again at mile 11- and I began to dread the return trip.

We kept running and came to St. Armands Circle which I LOVE to shop at, so I window shopped while we ran and we got to Lido Beach. Thing number 2 I never really wanted to do...run on the beach.

Today the weather was optimum. It was about 85 and overcast as we started our beach run. I give lifeguards many props because running on sand is way different than running on asphalt. I finally found a bathroom (had to go when we started) and we continued running on the beach. I tried to look for the hardest packed sand so as to not injure myself since I knew that when we go to the end I would have to turn around and run back (over that dang bridge!!!)

I really enjoyed the running on the beach. It was very peaceful and every time the negative thoughts would creep in, I would look out at the ocean and just enjoy the moment. Dave really helped me out by making jokes and helping me to find the hardest sand possible. He was going to go toward running on the street back and I told him that we could run back on the beach. Who knew I would actually like it? We headed on back and I was feeling really good, until we got to...THE BRIDGE. At this point, we had ran about 10 miles and I TOTALLY psyched myself out. I tried to look at one of the buildings in the distance so I wasn't looking up at how far I had to go, but as I almost reached the top the negative thoughts came back, "You are too slow, You can't do this!" and I began to listen- Dave would NOT let me give up (yup, I have the best husband ever!) and although I did have a mental meltdown with just feet until the top, we did make it and running down of course was a breeze.

11 miles done in 1:45 with 2 times over that dang bridge and 6 miles in the sand plus all the road leading up and back. I am happy that we did it, still have no desire to run over bridges but the beach run was pretty nice. Maybe if we just park there and run the beach it will help me get stronger for the Tough Mudder.

Thankful for my hubs for not giving up on me and for not allowing me to give up either. By far, the hardest run I have done to date- but I did it :)

One healthy choice made today...how about you???

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