Tuesday, August 9, 2011

so what if I'm slow

I read many blogs (many many many blogs) on running. There are some that are very encouraging and then there are some that are what I would have to classify as somewhat "elitist". I was reading a post on a blog today (i'm not going to say which one) but it was a race recap for a half marathon that she was competing in. She apparently started out great running in the 6:30 and then one of her later miles dipped into the (gasp! and I am quoting here!) 9 minute realm so she had to remedy that because that was awful!

As I sat there reading her race report I started to get a little angry with this person. The way she was writing about her awful time would have been a really good race for me and for many other people who just like to run. Yet she was totally appalled that she "a sponsored runner" would not perform well.

You see, I think that no matter who you are, but especially if you have a large following of people who are looking to you as an example, should try to remember that even though you are fast, that the person running 12 minute miles still gets up and trains just as hard as you do.

That the joy in running is just that- joy.

That runners who judge others by how fast, how slow, what races you've done...aren't really runners that are helping others at all (which this person claims that she wants to do). Many people start running for many different reasons and just because you don't run 6 minute miles does not mean you aren't a good runner!!

I run slow (at least to me I am slow!) and I am not a competitive person. I run because I just love being able to lace up, listen to a good podcast, and just enjoy doing something just for me. I tell people all the time- to be a runner all you have to do is go for a run once and even if you walk half of it, at least you were moving!!

Ok- enough of the rant- all that to say- I am slow- get over it!!

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