Friday, August 26, 2011


Today I swam! I had not attempted this for a little over 8 years and I found out that I did much better than I thought I would. I met my friend Lanell at the YMCA and I honestly hoped that I would be able to go up and back once. I did it 20 times and I felt really good. I could have done more but I didn't want to push my luck and I also didn't really want to leave Lexi in the kid zone for too long (she tends to get into trouble if I leave her too long!) Almost everyone keeps asking me are you training for a Triathlon and my answer is the same every time...


I love running but my legs have been protesting that I am using them too much and not giving them enough time to recover. Plus there are days that I just want to switch it up a bit and with the kids all in school 2 days a week and my older 2 gone from 8-3 everyday, I have a lot of free time. Yes, I should be cleaning or meal planning but I am love to be active and swimming, running, and biking are my favorite 3 things to do. I like the fact that when i get bored with one discipline I can always turn to one of the other 2.

Right now I have no triathlons on the horizon but I will continue to keep trying me best and trying to do better and we will see where it leads.

I told Dave, I wish that I could get a job where I could exercise all day (ha!) although most people are faster than I am or am stronger- I don't think that anyone can beat me in passion, joy, and excitement :)

So I will keep training and loving it and who cares if I am slow- I surely don't :)

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