Friday, January 11, 2013

Thoughts before a Marathon

There are so many different thoughts running through my mind. I have just returned from the zoo aka The 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Expo. I have been training for this single race since September. I have logged hundreds if not a thousand miles. I have woken up early, stayed up late, said no to going out in favor of training for this single event. I turned down a number of other wonderful races with the hope that I would remain healthy and able to do my absolute best.
With the race just 2 days away, the doubt has been settling in. Did I run fast enough, far enough, eat enough, drink enough?? Should I have followed a different plan, skipped taper (my favorite!)? Will I meet my goals or fail myself? I really am a bit crazy so these thoughts are on a round over and over in my head.
I do know that I have given it my best shot. That I have showed my kids how to set a goal, follow a plan, and the end result will be finishing the race. Am I going to win? ummm...NO! But will I treasure every step and remember all of my training- you bet I will.
You see, this race isn't just for me- it is for everyone who thinks they can't. For the people who say they are too busy, for the people who think their bodies aren't "runners bodies", for the kids who think running is just too hard. Yes it is hard and I think training for this marathon was one of the hardest things that I have had to do. Balancing mother and runner and wife was not easy and I won't say that I have it all figured out because I failed many days. But I did realize it was okay to be all 3 with different variations per day. I told Dave today on the bus back to the hotel that I may cry at the end and he couldn't understand why. The reason why is because I want others to see that you CAN do it (even if it isn't pretty, it's still done!) So I will be thankful that my body is letting me run these 26.2 miles. I will make the best of every step and who knows I may just want to do another (but don't count on it).

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