Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life after a marathon

Well, life after a marathon is still as crazy as ever in the Kyle household. I had the post marathon blues for a few days and now I am trying to focus on the Princess Half which is the next race that I'll be doing. I also was able to sign up for the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland- yippeeeee!! So the hubs and I will be traveling to California in September. I won't even go into the mess that was registering for that particular race but we will both be running at least and that is all that really matters to me.

Ashley is in FULL CHEERLEADING MODE- their first competition was the same weekend as the marathon and I couldn't be more proud of my girl. She continues to push me, even though she doesn't know it. I am so amazed by her athletic talents and she really does make things look so incredibly easy, when I know that they are not.

Ryan and Lexi have started ice skating lessons. Ryan because he eventually wants to play hockey and Lexi because she is already there when Ryan is :) He has made tremendous improvements since his first class and he has actually started watching hockey games on T.V. It has been hard to find something that he likes that "isn't hot" but I think that we have finally found it.
We have also had 2 new additions to our family and have started a new business. Blue Anchor Frenchies has been occupying a lot of my time. We added Sophie and Louis to our family and we are so in love with them. In about a year we are going to start breeding them and I KNOW that it is going to be hard to part with those puppies.  I just love mine so much that I want everyone to experience Frenchies.
Louis is a blue french bulldog and Sophie is what you would call a Blue Pied. They fill all my time when the kids are at school with tons of laughs and snuggles.

Well... that is the latest update from the Kyle Crazies... My goal is to blog more often and I am going to try...

One Step at a Time,

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  1. I think especially with a first marathon there is to be expected a little bit of down time...A you aren't running (where are my endorphins??) B. your whole body hurts and C. you just crossed something huge of your list :)

    glad you are starting to get excited about the next thing!