Monday, September 10, 2012


I just finished week 1 of my training plan which was a fairly easy week. I have been building my base miles all summer long, running medium mileage (7-10) regularly and keeping my miles high. So every time I went looking for a training plan I was super disappointed because I was lowering my average daily miles A LOT. So, even though I am NOT an elite runner I found the plan above and I will work with it. I love routine and schedules and this one will keep my mileage where I want it and looks easy to follow.
With that being said today was the first day of week 2- i know you can read but it does say 13 miles. UMMMM yeah, I hadn't run 13 miles since the Princess Half last March. I have NEVER ran 13 miles just as a a training distance ever BUT I know that this whole training for a marathon this is going to push me past what I have ever done before. So, I strapped on my Newtons got my iPad and treadmill ready and away I went. Yes, you read that correctly, I ran it on the treadmill. Why?? Well partly because I haven't really figured out my hydration plan yet and I was concerned that I may run out of water and partly because it was pouring rain. Mostly though it was because of the water. I have a tendency to get kidney stones and I really can't afford that AT ALL during this training so the treadmill it was.
I will not lie- running 13 miles on the treadmill is not really a fun activity (even with movies and TV shows at my fingertips). It is boring and part of the reason I love running so much is being outside while I do it. I tried to get into the movie I was watching but my mind kept wandering and I kept looking at the time and distance. I tried to break it up into 3 mile increments in my head so once I got to 7 I kept saying- 3 more to 10- 3 more to 13 and ... I did it. 2:12 for today's time- it isn't the greatest time in the world and it isn't the worst, but it is what I had in me today and the fact that it is done make me very proud of myself (another of the reasons I love running). The funniest part is that I literally jumped off the treadmill and went to pick up Lexi from school. Those poor pre-school parents must have thought I was crazy (i did change my clothes quickly but I was still sweating a lot). My day is not over yet though, still have to pick up my older kids, go to work at the cheer gym, take Ryan to swimming practice and then homework and the rest.
 I am not super mom, I make many mistakes and I just want my kids to learn to care about others and work hard for their  dreams and the only way I know how to teach them that is to lead them by example. This isn't a blog where I always will be upbeat and peppy- I KNOW there are going to be days when I do not want to go out and get the miles done and I will do it anyway. This is my accountability, but it also is not only going to be about marathon training, we have a lot going on around here with all of our kid activities, to the things that God is trying to teach me through my daily walk with him as well.
Welcome along for this crazy ride...15 miles next week..hmmm I'm up for the challenge (although my body may be protesting a little bit).

One step at a time,

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