Thursday, September 20, 2012


After the awful 15 miler I just ran I was feeling very disheartened. I was really questioning wether or not my body was going to be able to handle all of these miles. My biggest issues are never with my legs though - this week my jaw has been sore from chewing gum for almost 3 hours while running. I know it may sound strange but I always seem to get odd illnesses when running. Biggest issue is the dreaded kidney stones so hydration is also a major factor. So after saying all of that - I am going to go for a more moderate training plan. I am NOT an elite athlete (no matter how good my intentions were) and I want to finish this marathon with a great experience and a continued love my running :)
So I am going to do the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 plan. The mileage looks doable and the funny thing is that it skips 15- which sounds great to me!!

One step at a time,

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