Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Years Ago

I just got back from my last run before Dave and I run the Rock n'Roll Savannah Half Marathon. I began this training cycle running 3 miles and appropriately my last training run was 3 miles as well. 3 is having a big significance for me. Today is the 3rd (ha!), I have 3 kids, and 3 years ago was a definite change in my life.

3 years ago, I went into labor at 33 weeks on October 30. Dave and I made it to the hospital and I just kept saying "please don't let my water break" to which the nice nurse told me that even if it did they could keep my baby in until 36 weeks (what?!?). I remember going into that hospital worried, but feeling ok. They put me in a triage bed and gave me the shots to stop my contractions and nothing happened. They gave me some more shots and still no change. I wasn't dilating (which was good) but I was still having contractions (over 10 an hour). The nurse looked at me and said we are admitting you (i thought for the night) and we are going to give you Mag (magnesium sulfate)- she said " the first 3 days are hell" and i just laughed, little did I know then.

They brought me down and started my IV and gave me a bolus of the dreaded Mag because they have to get you into a therapeutic range. I don't really remember much of the next 3 days. People visited, my husband was a saint, and I was sicker than a dog and have NEVER been so hot. Literally, it burned the skin off my face and it raises your temperature. I really thought after the first 3 days they would let me go home- that was not to be. They didn't want me to go home and overextend myself (me-overextend- NEVER-ha!) I was in the hospital for 14 days. Laying on my back- with Edward, Jacob, and Bella to keep me company. My kids were shuffled between my husband and my sister in law, and I felt useless a lot.

Why am I telling you all of this??

Because in 2 days I will be running, and I will be running 1 mile for every day I was in that bed!! I will be running for my sweet Alexis who is the feistiest little girl and has been from the first day I held her, almost 3 years ago. I will be running because I can and enjoying every step and when I feel like I can' t do this or I want to stop- I will remember those 14 days where all I was allowed to do was sit, eat, and sleep- and I will press forward simply because I CAN!!

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